Casper Braided line 150mtr

Casper Braided line 150mtr

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 Casper Fishing Line 

Before we jump into the different products out there, there are a few basic terms we need to cover. They describe the main qualities of every line type and help you understand why it might be better or worse in certain situations.

  • Memory: When you pull line off your spool, does it hang straight or curl up? That’s memory. Line with a lot of memory tends to kink or knot as you reel in. It also messes with your presentation and makes it harder to cast far.
  • Stretch: Stretchy line keeps tension better as you fight a fish. It also takes some of the punch out of big head shakes. However, stretch gives you less precision and feedback, and makes setting the hook tougher.
  • Shock Strength: Another advantage of having some stretch is that your line is less likely to snap under sudden pressure. This is shock or impact strength, and it stops hard-hitting fish from breaking you off.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Ever get cut off by rocks while fishing? You need gear with more abrasion resistance. All modern line is pretty abrasion resistant, but more high-end materials tend to handle scratches better.
  • Buoyancy: Some line floats in the water, some sinks. They’re both useful in different situations. Floating or buoyant line is great for topwater fishing. Sinking line stays taut in the water, giving you more precision at depth.
  • Visibility: If a fish sees your line, it can get spooked and put off biting. To avoid this, people usually use low-visibility line in clear water. You can also use colored line to match the depth and shade of water you’re fishing.