Casper Braided Fishing Line 200mtr

Casper Braided Fishing Line 200mtr

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Intro To Casper Fishing Braided Line

Some anglers claim that Casper Fishing braid is too rough while others say it’s the only line that holds up in the conditions they fish. Wherever your preferences lie in braided fishing line, one thing is for certain. Casper Fishing braid costs a lot less than lines like the others.

Offering a wider array of colors than most competitors, Casper Fishing braid uses 4 strands of Polyethelyne (PE) material in its weave. At 65-pound test and higher, the braids contain 8 strands. Casper Fishing weaves their SuperPower braid tighter than other brands, resulting in a smaller diameter. They also use a proprietary treatment process that preserves the line but doesn’t leave it with a waxy feel.