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Once upon a time the landing fishing net was a net. This however was quite some time ago. Like everything in the modern angling world the landing net has seen a technological overhaul and the outcome is a range of nets that are designed to protect fish and serve the angler with better ergonomics and more focused design for specific applications. Casper Landing Nets have a fantastic range and the nets listed here below are great examples of top shelf, well designed landing nets with a primary purpose of protecting the welfare of our fish.

Each landing net is constructed using silicone rubber mesh. It has none of the harsh, flesh damaging knots and texture of conventional landing nets. This is excellent news for catch and release. The vast majority of the time, when using Casper Landing Nets, the fish can be released with absolutely no or very little harm done, fit to fight again, or more importantly, breed and make more fish. The Kayak net, the retractable large Snapper net and the retractable catch and release net hold no mysteries in the name. They’re purpose built, and ideal for their specific purposes. Check the specs and benefits and you will see that these are not just any old landing nets. Casper Rubber Landing Nets are for the angler that appreciates great design but more importantly, is an active participant in protecting fish stocks. The Casper Landing Nets are a must have and, the little extra you pay will be returned in longevity and fish protection. For sale now.