Daiwa Lurenist Spinning Rods 86M 7-35g
Model Length Lure/Jig Weight PE Max
86M 8.6ft 7-35g 0.6-1.5

Easy-to-grip original reel seat (left: light game type / right: power type) uses an original reel seat with good holdability. It adopts a power type that is easy to grip. Fuji guide & decorative winding guide is Fuji’s stainless steel frame O-ring. The top is an L type that makes it difficult for threads to get caught. Decorative winding is applied from the original to the second guide.High-quality design A well-designed hand design. When you look at the rod at the fishing spot, it gives you a great sense of ownership. ML is recommended for minnows and sinking pencils, and M power is recommended for heavy vibration.

  • Crossover series ideal for introducing lures
  • 17 items for every target
  • High quality blanks that can be comfortably cast
  • Daiwa’s original reel sheet that is easy to grip (2 types)
  • Simple but luxurious cosmetics
  • D-Beck logo With Tsuki’s original pole bag