Okuma Helois HX-35

Okuma Helois HX-35

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49.000 .د.ب

49.000 .د.ب

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  • Light weight C-40X carbon frame, sideplate and rotor.
  • Multi-disc Carbonite drag system.
  • 9HPB + 1RB corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings.
  • ALG: Precision AlumiLite alloy main gear and oscillating gears.
  • 8.8oz; 5.0:1 Gear Ratio.
  • Imported from USA.

Continuing upon a history of technological advancements in
spinning reel designs, Okuma Fishing Tackle has unveiled the
all-new Helios line of ultra-light, ultra-powerful spinning
reels. Featuring brand new C-40X, long strand carbon fiber
technology and an aluminum and brass gear system, Okuma Helios
spinning reels are up to 25% lighter and 50% stronger than
standard graphite-framed reels. Immediately evident when Helios
is viewed in bright light, C-40X long strand carbon fiber
construction is exactly as it sounds. Rather than a standard
resin featuring powdered filler for strength, Helios resins
feature a mix of long carbon fiber strands, interwoven tens of
thousands of times. By greatly enhancing the connections between
all fibers, strength is increased by a factor of 50%. And because
less resin and fiber are necessary overall, weight is reduced by
25% over standard graphite frames. Within Helios, both the frame
and rotor system utilize long strand carbon fiber construction.
Helios side plates, drag knob and handle arm feature Okuma 1K
carbon fiber inserts. Constructed of resin-impregnated carbon
cloth, very similarly to fishing rods, the side plates and spool
top achieve the ultimate in strength-to-weight ratios, delivering
unmatched strength with a minimum of weight. On the interior,
Helios Precision Elliptical Gear system is machine cut from
aluminum. Both lighter and harder than traditional brass gears,
it’s also far superior in corrosion-resistance.